Creative Direction and Graphic Design
by Jan-Daniel S. Belmonte
for The GUIDON, August 2014
The challenge was to create a poster design for The GUIDON's 85th Anniversary Celebration Night. We tried to venture out of the usual digital design that we do for our print and online publications and so we came up with this idea.
The poster shows a photo of an actual installation that we made using a plyboard, white nylon strings and some nails. Painting the (4' x 8') plyboard took around four hours while the nails and strings were set within two hours the following day. The typography and colors were based on the official 85th Anniversary Logo.
Photo by Alexandra L. Huang
Special thanks to Julie T. Lim and the Externals Staff.
Teaser video for the event
by Angelli J. Aquino

Some behind-the-scenes photos
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