Final Project
for a graphic design class: FA-ID 103.3 – Design Practice: Branding
by Jan-Daniel Belmonte, Matt Sta. Maria, and Kate Yoo
The objective of the project was to rebrand the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) of the Philippines. Conceptualization and execution of the project were done in four weeks, after which it was presented to the class.
MMDA Mission and Vision
"With Metro Manila as the seat of the National Government and center of Private Business in the country, the challenge of making it a livable, ecological-friendly and dynamic urban center rests with the MMDA and the 17 political units therein.
Thus, the role of the MMDA is to assist the 17 political units in crafting and implementing an integrated development plan characterized by unity of purpose, innovation, resiliency, sustainability, adaptability, and creativity in meeting the challenges of transport decongestion, climate change, waste management, and disaster prevention among others, in order to achieve a decent quality of life for Metro Manilans."
Proposed brandmark – Horizontal lockup
We tried to create a dynamic and future-oriented brandmark that represents
the professionalism and authority of the MMDA in a distinct way.
Agency Attributes
Brand Architecture
Digital — Mobile App
Digital — Official Website
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