Final Project Submission
for a graphic design class: FA 171.4 - Digital Design Procedures
The whistle (pitó in spanish, tagalog) has long been used as a device that attracts the attention of people from long distances. It is widely used by traffic enforcers, police men and security guards to alert people in the streets.

In the bustling streets of Metro Manila, lots of things happen and most of them could not be properly monitored by the authorities because of the lack of police visibility and the sheer vastness of the metropolis.

The pitó campaign aims to use the same purpose of its namesake as a device that could help commuters and those driving private vehicles to have a full featured mobile app and website that could inform them of how to stay safe and could connect them immediately to authorities whenever they are in a dangerous situation.
iOS7 App Design
Web Design
Promotional Poster
Apps and websites displayed above are only mock-ups and do not exist yet.
Also, Photographs used in the mockups are owned by their respective photographers.
No copyright infringement is intended.
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